Sailing Directions

Sailing Directions are designed for use by the merchant mariner on all classes of ocean-going vessels with essential information on all aspects of navigation. Sailing Directions are complimentary to ADMIRALTY Standard Nautical Charts and provide worldwide coverage in 74 volumes.

ADMIRALTY List of Radio Signals

The ADMIRALTY List of Radio Signals provides comprehensive information on all aspects of maritime radio communications. The data is organised into six volumes, some divided into several parts for ease of handling.

ADMIRALTY List of Lights

The ADMIRALTY List of Lights provides extensive information on all lighthouses, lit floating marks (over 8m in height), fog signals and other lights of navigational significance.


Other publications complete the range including titles such as 'The Mariners Handbook' and the 'ADMIRALTY Guide to Updating'.



ChartCo can also provide publications from a wide range of suppliers including:

·         International Maritime Organization (IMO)

·         International Telecommunication Union (ITU)

·         Witherby Seamanship

·         Nautical Institute

·         Brown, Son and Ferguson

·         International Chamber of Shipping

·         Informa


Log Books from ChartCo include:

·         Engine Log Books

·         Chief Officer's Log Books

·         Oil Record Books

·         Garbage Record Books

·         Radar Log Books

·         Bespoke Log Books

Bespoke Log Books from ChartCo can be fully customised with a vessel name and logo along with a change of words and edited layouts. If this still doesn't meet a customer's requirements ChartCo start with a blank page and create a Log Book tailored exactly to your needs. ChartCo can also supply Log Books in many different languages.


Loose Leaf Service

One of many solutions first delivered to the market by ChartCo. This is a Loose Leaf Replacement Service to the Admiralty List of Lights and Radio Signals which assists the seafarer and remove the arduous task of cutting and pasting corrections from the weekly Notice to Mariners using a page replacement system that will dramatically reduce the time taken to update Lights and Radio Signals.

How does it work?

To accommodate the service, the List of Lights and Radio Signal publications are supplied in loose leaf format in a ring binder. Thereafter, ChartCo does the cutting and pasting for you and presents you with a weekly update pack, containing corrected replacements for all pages affected by the Notice to Mariners within that week. Once received, simply replace the original pages in the ring binder with the corrected copy.


·         Efficient and accurate correcting method.

·         Up to 90% time saving in chart correction and updating processes.

·         Keeps the publications corrected up to date.

Quality Assurance

An index showing all cumulative pages is included in each update pack. Cross referencing with the contents of the ring binder ensures that all relevant replacement pages have been received.

All corrections and replacement pages are proof-read and double checked for possible errors before compilation and despatch.